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Cyber Swap:

Savers Gem - Cyber Swap
Location and Owners:
Savers Gem is located Pasadena, CA. The business is co-owned by Jesse Acero and Eve Khlaure. We currently operate both in person at various open air markets in California, and online through SAVERSGEM.COM
The beginning of Savers Gem:

In December of 2018, Eve and Jesse came up with new and revolutionary way idea for doing business. This idea consisted in finding the best and easiest way to bring quality merchandise, at highly discounted prices, directly to the end consumer. We understood that not everyone has the means or access to the latest fashions and trends the big box stores offer. It is often the case that department store prices are out reach for the majority of the population due the high overhead costs of running their businesses (among other factors of course). What if this was this wasn't the case? This is when we decided to create the world's first online Cyber Swap, where anyone could shop/sell the merchandise directly from the most well know department stores at amazing outlet prices. Think of it like a Swapmeet of sorts, except completely online!
As with anything new and innovative, things are easier said than done. Our first big hurdle, was finding the suppliers for such said merchandise. It took the entirety of a month, consisting of tireless and nonstop research for us to create the necessary sales channels and business relationships to make this happen. However it all paid off because in Jan 2019, Savers Gem was officially established.
Subsequently, our next step was for us to build name recognition. We started selling our products in several Swap-meet locations in Los Angeles county to a great amount of success but we knew we could do better.
Around April of 2020, we started to work on our bigger goal. The goal consisted in becoming an Online marketplace and with recent events involving the Covid-19 pandemic and California state wide business shutdowns, what better time for our business to evolve than now.  As of July 2020, Savers Gem is live online and ready for business!
Our Values
Here at Savers Gem, it is our core belief that integrity, compassion, and respect for the planet as well as for one-another will pave the way for a more prosperous future for all.
As a result, we are always, looking into new and innovative ways to help our community and our environment. 
We are actively engaged in donating surplus clothing and accessories to the local homeless population in and around our city yet we wish to do much more in the future.
Another one of our initiatives to help the environment includes re-using cardboard boxes, packing materials, and recycled paper which is than used for shipping of most of our products.
As our revenue grows, we intent to Donate a portion of our proceeds to a charity fund in our community such as, the ASPCA or BLM. We truly believe that there is no such thing as a business too big or too small to make a difference.
What sets Savers Gem apart

We are the world's first dedicated online Department Store Outlet, which means you always get the best and latest trends directly from the most well known department stores, all at fantastic prices. We are are always listing new products for sale and hundreds of more listings on the way. To keep up to date with the latest news, sign up for our Newsletter below.
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