Become a Savers Gem Seller

Becoming a Savers Gem Cyber Swap Seller

Savers Gem is not only a great place to shop for the best merchandise from the nations biggest department stores, it is also a growing marketplace for some of the best Merchants around.

Our seller network is constantly growing and our listings only getting better. Our mission is simple, list only the best and most desired merchandise in the best possible condition, Never at MSRP. If this sounds like something you want be a part of, send us an email and tell us a little bit about yourself.

Join our mission and never let our customers pay MSRP again!


How it Works

Selling your merchandise on Savers Gem couldn't be more simple:

All you have to do is contact Savers Gem, and apply to join our seller network. Once approved, give us a brief description about the merchandise you wish to sell with us. Lastly choose one of the Two-Tier Listing structures and get ready to sell!

We take care of the hard part, unlike other marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon where you have to become basically a tech wizard to even get started. Savers Gem offers an end to end solution which allows anyone to get started selling online and making money. We do all the heavy lifting for you.

Two-Tier Listing Structure

Tier 1 - Complete Solution: Savers Gem takes care of everything:

- From listing and product details, item grade assignment, taking awesome product photos, to packing and shipping, and finally post office drop off, we do it all.

- All you have do is drop off your products at our secure storage location, wait until you products sells, and get paid!

- Fee for Complete Solution: 22% of final item sale price excluding shipping fees. 

*Funds will be withheld by Savers Gem for a period of two weeks. This applies to ALL new sellers in order to ensure customer satisfaction. However we will always maintain communication with you pay you in a timely manner once the two weeks are up*

Tier 2 - Flexible Solution: Savers Gem helps streamline the process:

Quick overview

1. After you get approved to become a seller with Savers Gem, we need details on the merchandise you wish to sell.

2. You will have to take the best possible photos for each of the products you want to sell. The better the images, the faster the item will sell.

3. Together, we will determined an appropriate price for your products. Savers Gem will take care of researching market price and demand for said products. 

4. Once all details are agreed upon by both parties, Savers Gem will create a listing and push for the fastest possible sale of the product.

5. Once you products sells, Savers Gem will determine the best shipping method and create the shipping label. Shortly after shipping label is created, it will be emailed to you for printing. 

6. In this solution you are responsible for carefully packing and shipping sold products. Finally you must drop off at the post office within two business days. The better you pack, the better the customer experience. A good rule of thumb is, you wouldn't want to ship anything you wouldn't like receive!

* Funds will be withheld by Savers Gem for a period of two weeks. This applies to ALL new sellers in order to ensure customer satisfaction. However we will always maintain communication with you pay you in a timely manner once the two weeks are up.*

Fee for Flexible Solution: 16% of final item sale price excluding shipping fees. This solution is best suited for sellers more familiar with e-commerce and selling online.



Rules and Requirements

Here is a list of general Rules and Requirements to sell your merchandise on Savers Gem:

- Merchandise to-be sold on Savers Gem must be visually and functionally inspected prior to submitting a request for listing. All parts and accessories must be included and merchandise must be in complete working order. 

Once merchandise is thoroughly inspected by you or us, you must provide Savers Gem with details about the products and any defects it may have; such as scratches and scuffs, broken or missing parts, peeling paint, or missing packaging. 

After all merchandise details are review by Savers Gem, a subsequent item rating will be given based the description received. Visit our Items Condition and Grade Criteria page for more information. 

-ALL merchandise must be Genuine and approved for re-sale online. If you're not sure whether you can sell your merchandise with us, contact your original distributor for more information. Example: Some designer merchandise may only be sold with written manufacturer consent, such as Louis Vuitton, and more.

-All merchandise must have have been acquired through lawful means. Absolutely NO stolen merchandise may be listed on Savers Gem.

-We only accept the following conditions for listings on Savers Gem via our seller network: New, Like New, Grade A/B, Overstock/Unsold. (no returned merchandise unless otherwise approved)

-Absolutely Zero tolerance for fake or counterfeit merchandise. Seeking to list such merchandise will result in automatic termination of business relationship and all related listings will be taken down immediately. No exceptions. 

-Never price any of your products at or above MSRP. That would defeat the purpose of Cyber Swap prices. 

-If you request for your merchandise to be sold at Savers Gem via the Flexible Solutions, you must hold the listed merchandise for an agreed upon time frame and cannot not be sold elsewhere. If item is sold elsewhere, you must notify Savers Gem immediately so we can take the listing down right away. Failure to do so may result in penalty and subsequent termination of business relationship. 

Rules and requirements are subject to change. 




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