Custom Quartz H2O - Glass Bottle With Crystals - Water Glass Bottle

Custom Quartz H2O - Glass Bottle With Crystals - Water Glass Bottle

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Custom Quartz H2O - Created for Macy's.

Create your own personal Quartz water.

Precious stones are known to posses physical properties - releasing unique frequencies believed to help clear your mind and re-charge your body.

This bottle is made of high-quality premium glass. The bottom section can be filled with your personal selection of gemstones. Use the Quartz individually, or mix them for more benefits.

Clear Quartz is believed to promote healing and to help clarify, connect and energize the mind and body.

Rose Quartz is believed to be the universal stone of love and to help soothe, calm and relieve stress. 

Pro Tip: Always use filtered or purified bottle water.

Care Instructions: Hand wash with warm soapy water.


Product Details:


1 Glass bottle - holds 550ml of liquid and 100ml of crystal

1 Bag of Rose Crystal (200g)

1 Bag of Clear Crystal (200g)

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