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The Environment & Savers Gem 🌎

Doing our part for the Environment  

Savers Gem cares deeply about environment. Even though we are a small business, we are always searching for new and innovative ways to help reduce our carbon footprint. 



One of our programs include re-using cardboard boxes, packing materials, and recycled paper all of which are used for shipping inside most of our products. A little known fact is that a substantial portion of the cardboard and packing materials used by big retailers ends up in washes, lakes, and oceans, harming the environment and the animals that live there.

Thanks to our program, 80-90% of the products we ship will arrive in different boxes not including our logo so don't be alarmed if your products arrive in a box with a different logo than our own.

If you have any cardboard boxes or shipping materials laying around that you are not planning on re-using, please donate them to us. It's for a good cause 🌎

Another initiative we take is recycling of all plastic bottles and aluminum cans used in our facility. Once we collect a large amount of recyclable bottles and cans, we make a listing on a local service like OfferUp and give them out for free.Those bottles and cans have a small resale value and help someone in need put food on their table. Every bit counts.

As our revenue grows, we intend to take even more aggressive measures to further reduce our impact on the environment and improve community relations.